The North East Philanthropy Story

Our rich philanthropic heritage is woven into the very fabric of North East society. Learn here how acts of generosity in the past continue to deliver for us today. Read more about understanding philanthropy and it's history here.

To date the following trusts and foundations with a grants expenditure of over £100,000 have been profiled.

Ballinger Charitable Trust (Supporting young and older people) Barbour Foundation (Supporting a wide spectrum of North East charities) Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust (Supporting charities across the North East) Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland (Founded: 1988) County Durham Community Foundation (Improving the lives of people and their communities) Cowie Charitable Trust (Supporting young people and relieving poverty) Duke of Northumberland’s Charity (Supporting the environment, the arts and education) Durham Masonic Benevolent Fund (Supporting communities and members in need) Gillian Dickinson Trust (Promoting creativity in young people) Greggs Foundation (Supporting children, families and communities across the UK) Hadrian Trust (Supporting communities in the North East) Handley Charity Trust (Supporting grass roots charities across the North East) JGW Patterson Foundation (Supporting medical research) Latate (Supporting education in accord with the doctrines of Orthodox Judaism) Lempriere Pringle 2015 (Supporting religion and community regeneration) Lord Crewe’s Charity (Support for education and religious bodies) Middlesbrough and Teesside Philanthropic Foundation (Helping make Teesside a better place in which to live, work and do business) Millfield House Foundation (Promoting policy change for a better society) Northern Ladies Annuity Society (Providing financial assistance to retired widows and single ladies) Northstar Foundation (Supporting entrepreneurship and community regeneration) R W Mann Trust (Improving the lives of people and communities in Newcastle and North Tyneside) Reece Foundation (Supporting talent development for engineering) Ridley Family Charity (Supporting good causes in Newcastle and Northumberland) Rothley Trust (Small grant support for the young people, the disabled and community groups) Shears Foundation (Supporting environmental, arts and community charities) Sir James Knott Trust (Supporting North East institutions and communities) Sir John Priestman Charity Trust (Supporting the upkeep of historic religious buildings) Tees Valley Community Foundation (Supporting community groups and individuals in Teesside) The Joicey Trust (Making small grants to community organizations) The Vardy Foundation (Supporting families, education and faith-based Christian initiatives) Virgin Money Foundation (Helping regenerate deprived communities) William Leech Charity (Supporting voluntary community action across the North East) William Leech Foundation (Supporting designated religious organizations)

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